World of Warcraft players are excited about killing Nathanos, t

  • Blizzard has been facing Boss in various positions and difficulties, but this special guy makes everyone in World of Warcraft crazy. One of the most annoying characters in the WOW Classic Gold game, Nathanos Blightcaller was eventually murdered.

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    Nathanos Blightcaller was once a very popular character, at least among those who really fell into obscure legends. He is the only one who has participated in the Elf Ranger troops, and he himself trained with Sylvanas Windrunner. Alliance players must go to the Plaguelands to kill him, because the leadership of Stormwind City does not allow this famous war hero to exist like a corpse. After a full-scale raid, Nathanos and his hounds were killed. This is the really cool part of the classic.

    In Legion, Nathanos undergoes a facelift, and the game shows that he and Sylvanas are in love. After Sylvanas died, she found his mind-controlled zombie and liberated him. Since then, they have explored their relationship through legends and interactions in the game. Sylvanas is one of the most popular characters in the game, but many fans don't care about her partner, especially since most of his conversations praise his partner.

    Nathanos is also one of the few characters who disrespect players. At this point, most NPCs praised this player as a supporter of Azeroth, a legendary hero and someone they are honored to know. Nathanos laughed at the players and told us that we were actually bad at work. Even if you are a member of the Horde, Nathanos tells you most of the time in the Battle for Azeroth that it is best not to dissatisfy Sylvanas, and then calls the player a weak-willed worm or similar worm. It is not surprising that such a character was slaughtered.

    In Battle for Azeroth, Nathanos and Tyrande Whisperwind touched their toes and pulled a few words of "Hey, there is no illegitimate child", she was full of the goddess' revenge power. Even if Tyrande "wins", Nathanos shouted "Enough!" Then he jumped on the bat and slowly flew to safety.

    But now, Sylvanas has finally become a complete opponent, and Nathanos is on everyone's kill list. Two weeks ago, a bug appeared in Nathanos, which appeared early. Some players flew out and killed him because he knew there would be no rewards or movies. Although the bug has been fixed, the Tuesday patch made Nathanos the boss of the world. He used movies to describe his violent death in the game, and everyone responded to it. You may want to hate Nathanos, in which case you will be happy to see him in the cinema with his new fleshy emoji...or you hate him and like to see him murdered.

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