The bad news, Animal Crossing now limits time travel

  • Although fans are somewhat controversial about the adjustment of the game, you can adjust the clock of Nintendo Switch in the game to fast-forward the time or day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a tradition since the beginning of the series. But with the huge increase in the game's winter updates, fans say that Nintendo has changed what you can and cannot do while traveling.

    Let me tell you the good news first: you can still travel regularly in the game. In fact, according to the views of many time travel participants, what has changed is that Nintendo has adjusted the way the Animal Crossing Bells event works, or it can be said to be strengthened. Earlier, the company announced that players will not be able to trigger major seasonal events in advance because the game will actually check if the player’s clock is correct. But many fans have discovered that Nintendo is not consistent in enforcing these rules. For example, before this new update, you can arrange a Halloween trip and enjoy the celebration. Some recent incidents also work in this way.

    Polygon has tested it and you cannot adjust the clock at any time to make it a Turkish day. Fans report that you can still go back to events in the real world, but you cannot jump forward to experience new content. In fact, this adjustment is to restrict players. It is accurate for game companies to experience seasonal events and festivals in advance, but for players, it loses a little fun.

    In fact, such adjustments will still arouse dissatisfaction among many people, and Nintendo has not done exactly what the company said. In addition, if you can still go back to enjoy things in the future, this is not important. The only limitation is to get there faster. At the same time, others are amazed by this change-because there are legitimate reasons to put time travel first.

    One player felt that this is really bad for those with busy schedules, who don't have time to do all the activities immediately when they happen. Especially in activities such as Toy Day and Turkish Day/Harvest Festival, people will spend time with their loved ones. Of course, players can go back and do it, but it feels different. Doing these things before will bring more joy, because everyone is still not satisfied with this event.

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