World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' coolest new mount

  • After playing the new expansion for a while, you may think that the best part of the new expansion of World of Warcraft is all the new areas, missions and dungeons. But I think it will always be a new mount. After all, if you have a six-foot-tall frog to fight, it is so cool. Or two skull head dragon. Or a giant green fox. You know that a total of 84 new mounts have been added to Shadowlands, and you have many choices. Although Warcraft has hundreds of horseback mounts, none of them are so eye-catching or cool.

    Sinrunner Blanchy is currently one of the WOW Classic Gold hardest mounts in Shadowlands, but it is not what you expected. Blanchy is not an opportunity to solve an extremely difficult boss, nor is it a reward for a series of difficult achievements, but a reward for solving a complicated problem, and the problem can easily consume an entire week. Hell, it took the whole time to resolve the dispute from the secret discovery of World of Warcraft.
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    It works as follows: About every few hours, Sinrunner Blanchy spawns at the northern end of Endmire in Revendreth. From there, she will begin to walk through the area until she reaches the far end, where she immediately disappeared for a few more hours. She ran so fast that the players had no hope of catching her, so they had to block her way and tried to intercept her somewhere along the way. Of course, this is compared to where she first spawned. easy). However, she will be forced to stop when she meets Brancie and let you interact with her.

    To make Blancy a real mount, you must perform this operation every 24 hours for a full six days. Every time she stops, she will ask for a new item in order to enter the next stage of the puzzle. As a death knight, I have a binding obligation to ride an undead horse on the battlefield, and when I delve deeper into the Shadowlands endgame, the ethereal red light of Cyrenna Blanche and the crimson warmth I planned to obtain Thrall plate armor will look terrible when paired. But when I started to crack the first step of the puzzle, I also started to read various guides on how to contact her more closely. I seem to want to own this mount, it's so cool.

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