What can be found in the Shadowlands Torghast dungeon

  • In the new expansion, many players should want to know some guides, today I will tell you what you can find in Torghast. Each wing of Torghast has a different end boss, which rotates once a week. There are six in total, so it took three weeks to rotate all the bosses. This is important because some bosses will drop a "Rune Carver's Memory", or a "Best Memory" legendary item that you may need.
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    Every week, you will get Soul Ashes for completing a level for the first time. Each level has six floors: five ordinary floors with mini bosses and the last boss-only level. This is what you can find on every floor:

        Mission Objective: Each floor in a level has an additional bonus event or objective. You can complete these missions or objectives to gain additional power of World of Warcraft animals.
        Mobs, Maurats, and rare animals: These halls are filled with all kinds of garbage bags, including elites, sometimes rare elites (which will drop an Anima Cell to give you more power), and Maurat. These easy-to-kill non-elite characters are eye-catching only because many Anima powers interact with them, for example, they explode when you kill them, polish or reset the cooldown.
        Soul: Releasing the soul can increase your stats and last until death. On the contrary, completing the binding of the soul (starting at level 3) will give you a higher gain, but it will expire in three minutes, forcing you to find another soul.
        Geography: Corridors are generated semi-randomly for each level, so there will be many twists and turns and blind spots. To make it easier to see where you’ve been, you can consider throwing away any persistent raid signs, guild banners, or toys (such as stackable stags) so that you can easily see them after you clear the area.
        Ash Ruins: These destructible Diablo styles may contain soul fragments, life cells or other items related to life force.
        Traps: Torghast has many traps and they are very injured. Any corridor without monsters should arouse suspicion. Blades swing from the wall, spikes emerge from the floor, and flames will quickly make you brittle.
        Box: A possible ground event (instead of an opportunity to pursue a goal) is that the box is locked, forcing you to manipulate a lever or rune to open it for the anima force.
        Floor mini boss: At the end of each floor is a mini boss, a creature that has been powered on. Killing it will give you an Anima Cell and pass it to the next layer.
        Life force and power: You can click on the smoked smoke ball hanging in the air to choose the life force. As long as you stay in the wing of Torghast, you can use it. Sometimes stable, sometimes amazing, sometimes even outright stupid ability.
        Broker (3rd and 6th floors): The broker provides you with the Anima power that can be purchased, the Anima battery that can be dropped, and other buffs. They also emit a halo so that you can change your talents.
        Bosses: There is only one boss per level, which is always located on the 6th floor. Personnel at each level on each wing will only rotate once a week.

    At the WOW Classic Gold end of each level, after defeating the final boss, you will get soul ashes (the amount varies from level to level), and you will be eligible for the memory of the rune carver in your character class. You can only earn loot once per level per week. If you skip the simpler levels, you will get all their loot while killing the more difficult boss. The storyline missions you complete in Torghast (usually to find and release friendly faction leader NPCs) also provide soul ashes and sometimes an Anima Cell.

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