World of Warcraft's covenant system is still a big choice

  • Fans of World of Warcraft are always excited about new expansions, and I like them very much. But players are worried about one thing in Shadowlands: a contract game, which is an endgame system where players can join one of four powerful factions to gain new abilities and sweet cosmetics. Now that the expansion has begun, fans have had time to delve into the advertising campaign, and the system seems to be working.

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    This is a simple system: choose one of the four main regions of Shadowlands and commit to their cause, gaining powerful abilities and excellent equipment. World of Warcraft has never been a traditional intercom RPG with BioWare style options, but for many years it has ceased to be a true role-playing game. Shadowlands aims to change this.

    Blizzard’s technical designer said that choosing Shadows and Player Agency is the main theme and focus of Shadowlands. Contracting should be one of these choices; you will experience them as you level up, and then you must pull the trigger and make a choice. Whatever your motivation for making this choice, it will be very useful. "

    Shadowlands borrowed from the WOW Classic Gold previous World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, which offers some smaller but character-based options. Will you stand with chiefs or insurgents in an internal civil war? Will you sweep the huge eyeballs in the skull, or let the influence of the old gods settle there? Now, Shadowlands can choose the covenant, but you can also add a lot of dialogue trees, and you can also make some fine-tuning, such as using your inscription class for smart mission dialogue options, or choosing the hometown of a space character.

    The theme chosen for the "Convention" coincides with the location of Shadowlands and the narrative in the first act of the story. If you think of it as a multi-act play, then the first act is dealing with the suffering that plagues the Shadow Land, the drought that has claimed the lives of all animals.

    The player is not the only champion or main hero, but one of the many The Maw walkers who emerged from Azeroth. Players must make the four covenants stronger, so each player can make a choice. "If you push this idea forward, then as the story progresses, the theme will be, okay, we have established our strengths. Now, how do we combine them to face the larger composition of the jailer Threat?

    Shadowlands requires players to make choices, part of which can figure out the character's ideological position. Despite the fanaticism, the developers still retained the option of convention, although they could choose to slowly switch to the new group.

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