Animal Crossing December update trailer can see new content

  • In the first trailer of the December update of Animal Crossing: New Horizon, players can preview that your island will soon be covered with thick snow in the game. There is also a new holiday theme activity, new bugs And fish and new DIY recipes. I feel like another month that is no longer boring. What do you think? Also, updating the game content in real time makes me feel a sense of substitution.

    To say that the headline news in December is of course Animal Crossing Toy Day, which was held on December 24. At that time, Animal Crossing's holiday ambassador, the Reindeer Jingle, appeared on your island and was responsible for giving gifts to neighbors.

    If you have been waiting for the snow to fall on the island, you can expect the entire winter scene to appear later this week, including trees decorated with trees. The decorations that fall from these trees can be used in various DIY recipes. The Animal Crossing Bells trailer above shows some things you can make to turn your island into a sparkling winter wonderland suitable for the season. Naturally, you have festive trees, but also a bunch of gifts, glowing reindeer decorations and goblins.

    With the advent of new weather, we will also encounter new creatures on the island. Diving into the icy waters, you may be lucky enough to catch the lobster, and you must look behind the rolling snowball. There may be a cute little beetle pushing it around. You can also roll snowballs yourself, and then stack them to make a snowman. This is of course a unique fun in winter, and it can also be experienced in the game, and the feeling is very different.

    Finally, Pocket Camp Nook mobile phone case is a small and cute accessory from Nook Shop. Although this is not the theme of this season, it will be the perfect gift for island residents or friends in real life.

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