Animal Crossing Players can donate damaged carrots

  • As early as August, Hellmann made the most of Animal Crossing: New Horizon by inviting players to "donate" their spoiled carrots. For every carrot donated to Hellmann Island, donate real-life meals to Second Harvest, a Canadian food rescue charity organization.

    Next week, from December 14th to 18th GMT, Hellmann Island will be opened again from 2pm to 10pm GMT. From there, just go to the Animal Crossing Bells island and donate your spoiled turnips. Hellmann's will donate a real meal to FareShare every time the radish deteriorates, until a total of 50,000 meals are provided. That's great!

    Animal Crossing: One of the most exciting and stressful features of New Horizons is the "Straw Market", where players can buy carrots in the hope of selling them on Sunday morning. Gain profit in the next week. As experienced players know, keeping carrots for more than a week will cause them to deteriorate, which means you will lose your original deposits and leave a bunch of rotten vegetables.

    In exchange for these spoiled carrots, Hellmann's will donate to Second Harvest, Canada's largest food rescue charity organization, to provide a total of 25,000 meals to vulnerable communities across the country. We have a complete overview of how it works and list some snapshots of the island below:

        Hillman Island will be open to visitors from 3:00 pm on August 17, Monday, Eastern Standard Time, to Saturday, August 22, Eastern Standard Time.
        To enter the island, players will send a message to Hellmann's Canada on Twitter @HellmannsCanada to receive their personal Dodo codes, which will be shared on a first-come, first-served basis.
        Selected visitors will be given 15 minutes to put down the damaged carrots. For each spoiled radish dropped, Hellmann's will donate a meal to Second Harvest until the goal of 25,000 meals is reached.
        After putting down the damaged carrots, guests will have the opportunity to explore other attractions on Hellmann Island, including:
            Hermann Farm-Visitors can stroll through the picturesque canola fields or catch a glimpse of other Hermann’s ingredients, including free-range hens and fresh eggs from vinegar barrels.
            Second Harvest Outdoor Kitchen – Here, guests can relax and unwind, with healthy sandwiches and fresh ingredients prepared by Second Harvest by the waterfall.
            Able Sisters Merch Store-You can download interesting goods in the local store, including Hellmann style dresses, T-shirts and jackets.
            Resident Service-Guests can stop and check the bulletin board for more tips on how to be creative, how to make the most of the items in the refrigerator and reduce food waste.
            Ribbon Island-If they are adventurous, guests can hold their vault on an island shaped like Hellmann's iconic ribbon for quick photos.

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