How to make the perfect snowman and find frozen DIY recipes in

  • Now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can build a perfect Snowboy, and later will get a frozen DIY recipe, which will help you turn the house into a winter palace. However, to make these items, you will need regular snowflakes and large snowflakes. Below, you will discover how to build the perfect Snowboy in New Horizons, and a complete list of all items in the frozen DIY recipe collection.

    Snowman and its reward explanation in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    The Snowman is a version of the Snowman of New Horizons and can be built throughout the snowflake season. They are also sentient creatures. You can build them out of snow and watch them slowly die for several days, but we won’t go into details about them.

    To build a Snowboy, you must first find two snowballs, which will be somewhere on your island, and then roll them on the Animal Crossing Bells ground until each snowball is large enough to construct the Snowboy. If the size is just right, you will create a perfect Snowboy.

    The Perfect Snowboys is the only snowman type, and it will reward you with DIY recipes of frozen sets and big snowflakes. After creating the perfect Snowboy, you will receive a frozen DIY recipe, and every day Snowboy exists, you will receive a large snowflake.

    However, if your Snowboy is not perfect, it will be a little moan for your construction skills, but you will get nothing. Please look forward to whether this is the first Snowboy you have ever built. In this case, no matter how perfect, you will receive large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes.

    Each Snowboy has a lifespan of four days, and remember to chat with the perfect Snowboy every day, you will be able to collect a lot of snowflakes. Snowboys even set up its own Nook Miles achievement set and Nook Miles Plus mission.

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