Animal Crossing: How New Horizons makes the perfect snowman

  • Starting December 10, once the ground is completely covered with snow, players in the northern hemisphere will find snowballs around their islands. For Southern Hemisphere players, this happened around mid-June.

    Snowballs will only spawn in the more open areas of your island, only when you close the Animal Crossing Bells island gate. If you still cannot find any snowballs, there may not be enough empty snow-covered space on your island. Try to clear something, enter the building, and then come out again-after this you should be able to produce some snowballs.

    Although they add a decorative touch to your landscape and may attract bugs like beetles, these snowballs also have another purpose: making snowmen. Specifically, in "New Horizons", you can make Snowboys by kicking and then pushing snowballs onto snowy ground, which will increase their size. If they are pushed to an area not covered by snow, their size will decrease.

    Increase the snowballs to a specific size, then roll them on each other to create your snowman. Note that rolling them into something (such as walls, trees, rocks or water) will break them. However, don't worry-once you enter and leave the building, they will respawn.

    How to make a perfect snowman. Making sure your snowballs are in the correct proportions to each other will make you the perfect snowman maker and bring you some cold DIY recipes. Nothing imperfect can be done at all.

    So, how do you know the correct size to make these "perfect" snowmen? This is our foolish step to snowball and create snow boys. Size is not important-it is proportion. The reference image above shows the largest and smallest version you can make. However, for our purposes, we provide instructions for making a larger size because it is easier:

    Find the snowballs distributed on your island, and carefully roll them into a relatively open space where there is enough room for growth
    For the first snowball, roll it to approximately the same height as the player’s eye; this will be the base, so make sure to roll it to where you want to build the snowman (and make sure there is some space around it so you can Talk to it and ask for reward)
    Roll the second snowball until it reaches the height of the player’s ear-always move the camera down a bit to make sure it is correct
    Roll the second smaller snowball to the first larger snowball, then push it towards the first larger snowball so that it falls on top-complete your snowman!

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