Fortunately, Animal Crossing has kept up with all the twists an

  • Animal Crossing: "New Horizons" is at the right time-at the beginning of the global quarantine and confinement. Without a pandemic, Nintendo’s games are already huge. But more people do less at home, which means jumping into a world that we live in. This is an island vacation. The only problem is mortgage-interest-free! -Pay off in Bells. For a while, it was difficult to find someone who did not play New Horizons.

    The game has broad appeal. As "non-players" scrambled to join the celebration, New Horizons and the Animal Crossing Bells pandemic essentially caused a shortage of Nintendo Switch worldwide. You can describe it as a low-risk, casual game, but for those who like it, nothing more. In March and April, thousands of people played it frantically for several hours, perfecting all possible idyllic fantasy. Players have created a perfect home, respected relatives, and used "New Horizons" as a place to protest, hoping to trigger changes in the real world. Celebrities, politicians and influential people use it to get close to their fans.

    The saturation of New Horizons has reached such a high level that some people are unwilling to compete and "complete" so-called easy games. Then there are people who use the game to deceive others, brands that want to use the popularity of New Horizons to sell products, and a small number of toxic players. Animal Crossing: New Horizon is not just another work in the popular series. It became a source of cultural relevance, and others also drew inspiration from it. For better or worse, this becomes a problem.

    At first, many people participated in the game because you could relax with your friends on the island. This method cannot be seen again due to the pandemic. But those who stayed did it because of all the little things to do. "Relax with your friends on the island in a way we can no longer continue"

    It feels astonishing that there are overlapping new horizons in many aspects of my life. I found that people in the stationery industry make things inside and outside of New Vision. I found that the pen man was analyzing the writing environment in the game. For a while, these interactions seemed to happen naturally. They make sense and feel very real. People saw different ways of playing games, and they did it—New Horizons was a huge success, especially because of all "alternative" gameplay.

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