I think Animal Crossing: New Horizon is the most important game

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizon is definitely the most important game of 2020. They all have very popular games, and each game provides players with a different way to communicate with others. Difficult time for personal interaction, for many people, this is impossible. Although they provide completely different gaming experiences, both "New Horizons" and "Among Us" should be played by everyone at least once, so all players can understand why everyone deserves all the recognition they have received.

    Nintendo or InnerSloth, the Animal Crossing Bells developer among us, can't imagine that 2020 will bring them such a big success. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was released in March of this year, the same day as "Doom Eternal", and it was the last game they bought before the government shut down and quarantined. Among them, the release of Us dates back to 2018, but it was not until this summer that it really started to attract players' attention and shared game videos and video streams with friends online. Both are from very different studios and have different themes.

    This is not the first Animal Crossing game released by Nintendo, but it is the best-selling game in the series. Part of the reason is the popularity of Nintendo Switch itself, which also set a sales record this year, and also because of the rapid spread of word-of-mouth. March 2020 is a stressful time for many people around the world. Animal Crossing: New Horizon provides players with an opportunity to escape the problems of daily life, at least for a short while, allowing them to focus on more peaceful things. Games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon are very suitable for anxiety, which is likely to cause so many people to flock to it.

    Of course, there is nothing but relaxation among us. A round of "between us" is a tense and strategic affair. Players either try to ensure that they will not be killed, or that they will not be found and killed at any given moment. Just playing the "imposter" in "Among Us" is enough to make your heart beat faster. It is said that the game is as stressful as "Dark Souls". But after spending months diving inside in Animal Crossing and perusing the idyllic islands, this tension and cartoon violence is an incredible catharsis for many people. Despite being released for two years, "Among Us" became one of the most popular names in mid-2020 games, and now has thousands of Twitch views every day.

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