Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Best Game of 2020

  • If you don’t want to watch: This is the announcement of The Game Awards’ Game of the Year, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed an excellent theme song for the Game of the Year contender. We heard the battle theme from the "Final Fantasy 7" remake, followed by "Apocalypse", Tsushima's "Ghost", "Our Last Soul" Part 2 of the sad bass banjo and familiar vitality The familiar melody of the demonic rhythm. Everything is done beautifully, but also full of thematic doom and melancholy. It's all dark, violent, often tragic and ferocious.

    For me, the pure sunshine is Animal Crossing: New Horizon in 2020. I don’t know how I became my favorite game this year. Due to the continuing global pandemic, we are all trapped at home, and a large amount of ink has spread to the games we need in 2020. I will not reread that reason unless it is. This is a social space; a slow-paced long-acting game, perfect for killing days, weeks, and months, and being a little happy in the dark time.

    But beyond that, I think Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a comprehensive manifestation of the Animal Crossing Bells development direction of the series over the years. If you played the original Animal Crossing, you may remember how weird the game is. Stupid round characters wander in sparse forest villages, animal neighbors are often insulted rather than charming, and a mole rat will yell at you if you close the game without saving. It is a far cry from the fascinating vision released in 2020 in many ways.

    However, somewhere there are new seeds of happiness. It encapsulates a feeling of freedom-get rid of any frustration and pressure in our lives now, and let them live in a pleasant and stupid village where the neighbors are not complicated and have no obligations. Over time and multiple entries, this evolved into a game about building a community in a new place. When games like "Wilder World" diminished the advantages of the series, New Leaf appointed the player as the mayor to order them to build the town and make it better for all citizens, including meeting requirements for certain public functions , And take the lead in festival celebrations.

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