Animal Crossing: New Horizon gives everyone comfort in a specia

  • Three days before British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country would be locked down, I broke ground on My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island in Hankland. Some players have set up tents and are preparing to provide Timmy Nook with a bunch of materials to help him build a general store on the island.

    I enjoyed my first animal crossing journey, but I have not yet reached the point of "getting it". Menu navigation is slow and I am not sure what I am going to do. Extracting the most material from the rocks on each of my islands involves a complicated process of digging two holes and then repeatedly hitting them over the course of a few seconds. To pick fruit, first shake a tree, and then pick up each piece separately. It feels deliberately inefficient.

    The Prime Minister said in his speech on March 23 that starting from this evening, the British people must be given a very simple instruction that everyone must stay at home. "You should not meet friends. If your friends want you to meet, you should say "No." "You should not meet with family members who do not live at home. Except for necessities like food and medicine, you should not go shopping, and you should do as little as possible."

    Inside the apartment, we tried to make the Animal Crossing Bells most of the situation while we had to suspend our lives. In the evening, ride tickets and the Carcassonne marathon replaced the race. We will keep the laptop open while watching the movie, and make a Zoom call with a friend we haven't seen in months. On weekends, we bought elastic resistance bands and suspended gymnastic rings on the old pull-up bars for group exercises. Every night, I start Animal Crossing to see what is waiting for me in Honkland.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizon is the best game to play in a short time because the series has a unique time lapse method. In most games, time revolves around the player. When the game starts and stops, it starts to pass. Almost everything will be done on your terms. However, the animal crossing activity is carried out in real time, so if it is late at night on March 23 in the real world, it will be late at night in the game on March 23.

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