Animal Crossing: Walkthrough and rewards for the New Horizon To

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizon's toy festival is the winter holiday version of gifts, which includes a cute reindeer named "Ding Dong".

    He will appear in front of your Resident Services Building on December 24, seeking help. When you talk to him, he will give you the recipe for holiday wrapping paper and ask you to pack him into three. Making holiday wrapping paper will require one of the decorations of each color, which you can find by shaking the pine tree.

    Once you give him three holiday wrapping papers, he will give you a magic bag to transport the Animal Crossing Bells gifts. He will also give you "Toy Sky Stockings", which you can hang on the wall at home. Pick up the magic bag equipped like a tool, you can talk to the villagers and provide them with gifts. You don’t need to choose gifts based on their personality or something similar, just talk to them to hand over gifts. After delivering the gifts to half of the residents, you will get a recipe for DIY gift piles. Giving gifts to each villager will reward you with "Toy Sky Sleigh" furniture.

    Make sure to hang toy day socks in your house. If we do this, we will be able to interact with Stocking and get a picture of Jingle on December 25th. This is a great gift from the black-nosed reindeer! After you have given Ding Dang gifts, you can also pack the items and give them to the villagers. In exchange, they will give you a gift. The gifts will be randomly selected from the toys that Nook’s Crany has been selling during December, so if you miss the opportunity to buy any toys, one of your villagers may kindly give you a toy festival.

    The photos of Ding Dong, the Toy Festival stockings, the Toy Festival sleigh, and the DIY recipes for festive wrapping paper and gift piles are all event-specific items you can get from the Toy Festival. If you want to know where to buy winter or holiday-themed items that you see elsewhere, you may be looking for recipes from Snowboys or balloons in winter.

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