Animal Crossing: New Horizon Christmas Toy Day Activities and G

  • During the event, the reindeer Ding Dong, along with his toys and candy bags, can be found at the Resident Service Office. There, he will wait for your help to make holiday wrapping paper and distribute gifts from Santa Claus to other villagers.

    Everything you can do on Christmas and Toy Day. Here is a complete list of all the activities you can participate in "Toy Day"-please continue reading this article for more specific information about each event:

    Ding Dong was found at the Resident Service Office on December 24
    Unlock the holiday wrapping paper DIY recipe for Jingtang Festival
    Make holiday wrapping paper item 3 and give it to Ding Dong
    Get toy day stockings hanging at home
    Get Ding Dong's gift bag
    Visit every neighbor in and out of your home and give them gifts from magic bags
    After delivering most of the gifts, get rewards from Ding Dong (gift pile)
    After distributing all gifts, get the second reward from Ding Dong (Santa’s Sleigh)
    After that, exchange packaged personal gifts with neighbors to receive more color variations of Christmas Toy Festival products from Nook Cranny
    Hang up Toy Day stockings at home on the evening of the 24th and check them on the morning of the 25th to receive Ding Dong’s photos

    Also tell you how to make Ding Dong holiday wrapping paper. At the "Toy Festival", Ding Dong will first ask you to help make some holiday wrapping paper for Santa’s gifts. He will provide you with DIY recipes for holiday wrapping paper and ask you to make 3 pieces for him. To make each holiday wrapping paper, you need to use one of each of the different colored decorations, which can be shaken from the Animal Crossing Bells decorated cedar tree. After you make the wrapping paper and submit it to Ding Dang, he will give you a set of toy day socks-which can be hung on the wall of the house. Make sure to do this that evening so that you can check them on the morning of the 25th and receive a picture of Jingdang! In addition, Ding Dong will ask you to help distribute Santa’s gifts to the residents of the island. After that, he will give you a magic bag containing gifts from each of your neighbors.

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