How Eve Online and EVE Echoes adapt to higher demands and compl

  • Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of Icelandic CCP Games, believes that the coronavirus is both difficult and opportunity. In recent weeks, the demand for the company's flagship game Eve Online has increased, with the number of logins roughly doubled from a year ago.

    But his 300 employees must also work from home. For game developers, this is not easy, but CCP must adjust like all other game companies in the world. Online connectivity and Zoom meetings allow the company to function normally and become the EVE Echoes ISK lifeline of isolated players who are browsing the vast space of Eve Online alone.

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    At the same time, CCP, now owned by South Korea’s Pearl Abyss, is cooperating with China’s NetEase to produce Eve Echoes as a mobile massively multiplayer online game, and it has recently obtained a license to launch Eve Online as a free game. in China. I spoke to Petursson about these challenges and opportunities in an interview this week.

    Hilmar Veigar Petursson: Now, the world knows that China has been reorganizing the way they approve the competition. As a result, new games, especially non-Chinese games, have not received much approval. We have been in the approval queue for some time. They submitted their application in 2018. They are very happy to complete the entire process. They obtained permission to use NetEase to release Eve Online in China, something they have been preparing for years. The Chinese player base has also been waiting.

    The developers of the mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes plan to release a large-scale update to the sovereignty mechanism in the near future. It will add new structures and modules to them. Since these are very serious changes that will directly affect the lives of the zero packaging industry capsule manufacturers, NetEase Game Studio decided to share all the details in advance.

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