EVE Online mobile MMO derivative product "EVE Echoes" launched

  • The extensive multiplayer space sandbox game EVE Online on PC is about to get a mobile MMO version in EVE Echoes for players who want to build a universe empire on the go. EVE Echoes was launched in August and aims to bring the experience of the new Eden sci-fi world of "EVE Online" with some new features and a new faction Yan-Jung to mobile players. The game is a collaboration between "EVE Online" creator CCP Games and developer Netease Games.

    A few months ago, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said at a live broadcast event on Sunday: “We have been cooperating for three years through COVID and have experienced all the trials and tribulations experienced by the world during this period.” Personally In other words, I personally want to know how players will accept this amazing creation when it is released in August. "

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    Wei Su, the senior producer of NetEase Games, said in the live broadcast that the free "EVE Echoes" have been in the public beta since December. In the months since then, player feedback has been invaluable for improving the game. He added that the EVE Echoes ISK biggest lesson is to deal with players' needs. When the public beta was released, the team underestimated the number of players who wanted to join the early game, crashing the "EVE Echoes" server for two days.

    Like EVE Online, EVE Echoes will allow players to form companies to build and expand the empire of the new Eden galaxy. The developer said that the basic game will also be provided for free, but will have the same profitability features as EVE Online.

    EVE Echoes will not allow current EVE Online players to transfer account information at launch, but will include some new features, such as ship shells and a new player base, called Capsuleer Outpost, for explorers seeking safe spaces in the park . There is also an offline autopilot that can send push notifications to players when they arrive at their destinations, which is very useful for gamers who may need to jump out of the new Eden (or just turn off their phones) from time to time.

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