Tech Level system helps you in EVE Echoes

  • In EVE games, skills still determine your overall strength, and the large number provided means that players want to professionalize sooner rather than later. For reference, it will take up to 20 years to make EVE Online Each skill plays its best role. The Tech Level system works well here, and establishes a clear progress path for each event in the EVE Echoes ISK game (from combat encounters to mining, etc.), and lists the Tech Level clearly associated with it.

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    Compared to EVE Online, the Tech Level system does not significantly change the way you handle EVE Echoes, but it makes progress opaque. I can know at a glance whether I have the right skills, ships and equipment before entering the void. EVE is a cruel world, and this transparency helps new players experience a more meaningful and frustrating effort.

    It’s no secret that EVE Online’s user interface is messy: the iterations over the years overlap like layers. With the help of mobile translation, even the UI has been appropriately changed. Thanks to it being a new game on the one hand, and a mobile game on the other, Google’s accumulated over the years has been streamlined into a more pleasing and easier to parse UI, and some new content has been added. To make your spacecraft management easier.

    For example, the target now has a "quick lock" option, which is an icon, which is displayed in the center of the screen and in the larger target menu, next to the health and strength of your ship. Although you can click on any target in the upper right corner for finer control, your ship can even shoot to the next target without commands. The overview menu can be filtered by enemies, anomalies, loot, planets, etc., to provide players with accurate information without a lot of icons. Even the basic looting range has been increased, and ships are moving faster, so in Echoes, setting up a jet in airspace is faster than in EVE.

    None of this involves the addition of other ships to increase the speed of advancement, the introduction of some new ships, simplified planetary production, and more. After introducing EVE to mobile devices, both NetEase and CCP can amplify the basic experience in the online experience to better determine the details that need to be adjusted. By doing this, the games they made are not only faithful to the original material, but also better in some ways.

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