I like the lite version of EVE Echoes, I hear your screams

  • In general, I like the lite version of Echoes, but EVE Online lacks a lot of features, and I think this is absolutely essential for a complete experience. Without them, the effort that must be made is frustrating.

    In EVE Online, I used to have a complete account dedicated to market transactions-buying low prices, selling high prices and tracking all transactions on a spreadsheet. Echoes doesn't have all of this. I can sort products by highest or lowest price. When the EVE Echoes ISK player ventures into a dangerous area, the veterans will know how to use the map to gather important intelligence to sustain life. In EVE Online, I can see how many player ships were destroyed in a certain period of time, or how many players entered and exited the system. There is no such function in Echo, which makes me fly blindly in dangerous areas.

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    Echoes also lacks many of EVE Online's most exciting activities. For example, without wormhole space, you cannot browse hidden exploration locations to discover profitable ancient technologies. Their absence left the New Eden feeling empty. NetEase has not yet released the product roadmap to be released, but I hope it can be released as soon as possible, because there is still a lot to do besides basic knowledge.

    Of course, all these PvE activities have always played a secondary role in the true appeal of EVE Online. The reason for the turning point of the new Eden is to be able to participate in a game full of vitality and breathing closely, they fight each other, steal, help and revenge. Since Echoes is an independent game, it is a bit like pressing the reset button on a 17-year player-driven history, and I am a little worried that Echoes may not have the power to maintain the same scale of virtual civilization.

    The Echoes community is already worried about the large number of robots that seem to have infected the game and their economic impact. It was shocking to enter the Deadwater Galaxy in EVE Online and buzz with 100 other players. NetEase stated that it has banned 150,000 accounts, but after a short period of time, I wouldn't be surprised if this accounts for only a small part of the total number of robots. But I am now willing to raise questions for NetEase because it has been active in updating the game and responding to feedback and errors. EVE Online was not built in a day. Like most MMOs, it will take some time to determine whether Echoes is capable of regaining the same magic power.

    Apart from these big problems, I am still very happy. For people who like the idea of ??EVE Online but will never be able to adopt it, Echoes is a great choice-either because it takes too much time or it is intimidating. It's great that NetEase managed to distill the soul of this clumsy, complex game into something that can run on mobile devices, even if some basic elements are currently missing.

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