I still like EVE Echoes' activities in 2020

  • New Year's Day has passed, and 2020 is already last year. In last year's NetEase Games released a new update for EVE Echoes, because players can now experience The Crimson Harvest. Like many seasonal events at this time of year, in addition to adding some weird things to the game and painting a bunch of things orange, players can also purchase special items by November 10th.

    In addition to adding seven new modules to EVE Echoes to reflect player feedback (including interceptor ball launcher, warp interference field generator, warp scrambler, sensor damping, target paint sprayer, and tracking jammer and guidance jammer). In addition, the aforementioned special events will also run from October 31st to November 10th. During the event, the crimson harvest anomaly was added to the EVE Echoes ISK universe. These will include haunted houses in the cemetery and carnivals, which are low-level festival anomalies and high-level festival anomalies, respectively. Both will appear randomly in every system in the universe. Compared with deliberately rare high-level anomalies, high-level anomalies are more likely to occur naturally.

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    During the event, the new Eden store will also provide brand new Halloween theme skins. During the event, four different "skin" boxes will be added, some of which have certain discounts. Neatly, the Halloween skin design is inspired by pumpkins, has an orange and black hull, and has an amazing flame-like effect when driving. These skin batches will be available for a limited time-after the event, they will be removed from the store and will not be available as daily merchandise.

    This event was also planned after the official release of EVE Echoes, which was very attractive to players, but it was indeed very good. Hope that in 2021 will continue to bring fun new activities.

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