WoW Classic still has a lot of content ahead of it

  • The fact that resources and raid tactics were also available to players from day one is likely another big factor in the different reception of end-game content. A huge part of the original World of Warcraft community included the steady development of websites like Wowwiki, which began as an independent project back in 2004, among other sites which began to WOW Classic Items build up knowledge of the hundreds of quests, raids and dungeons in the game. Having that information on-hand at launch almost certainly played a factor in how quickly the raids were defeated the second time around.

    Nonetheless, WoW Classic still threw players into an immense world where combat was far harder and communities had to form to take on even low-level quests as infamous elite mobs like Hogger once again reigned supreme in Elwynn Forest, even if WoW Classic players had to wait in line for them to spawn. With no flying mounts and riding training hard to attain, the World of Warcraft once again became an intimidating landscape where hostile NPCs and players alike could be waiting around any corner. For many fans, Azeroth felt like a living breathing world again, not just a setting.

    WoW Classic still has a lot of content ahead of it, including the giant Necropolis raid Naxxramas, yet to be released. Whether Blizzard decides to open servers for the next expansion, The Burning Crusade, remains to be seen, but if it does, many players could find themselves going on the full WoW journey once again.