The whole listing of KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing

  • Below, we have rounded up the whole listing of K.K. Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The secret songs that K.K. Only performs via request are denoted in ambitious. Keep in mind that you will need to type every music name out as it's miles written underneath (meaning you need to Animal Crossing Items for Sale have the right punctuation and capitalization) when soliciting for the songs; in case you spell the title incorrectly, K.K. Will instead play a backup track that you can't take home as a report and say he didn't understand your request.

    If you have buddies travelling your island whilst K.K. Is round, you could all watch him carry out together. To achieve this, each player will need to be seated earlier than the player who requests the song sits down; in case you take a seat too overdue, you may omit out on the performance.

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