How do I Uninstall Norton from my Computer?

  • You can uninstall Norton from your computer with the help of the below-mentioned procedure that will guide you till you complete your task without making any mistakes. 

    • You can tap on the start menu and click on the control panel.
    • After that, select the program.
    • Tap on the programs and features button.
    • The page will show you the list of currently installed programs; then tap on the Norton security product and then tap on uninstall or remove. 
    • At last, move to the user account control and click yes, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your uninstall process.
    • Finally, restart your computer. 


    How do I Completely remove Norton from my Mac? 


    If you are using the Mac, you can remove Norton altogether from your MAC. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get some help.

    • You need to move to the application folder and then double-click on Norton Security.
    • Then at the menu bar, located next to the Apple icon and click on Norton security and then click on uninstall Norton security.
    • The page will show you the uninstall Norton security confirmation panel, then click on uninstall tab. 
    • Fill in the administrator account name and password, then tap on the install helper.
    • The program will run and complete. Finally, tap on restart now. 


    Can I Uninstall Norton from Windows? 


    Yes, you can uninstall Norton from Windows easily without any help. Simply go to the start menu and then tap on the program button. After this, the page will show you currently installed programs; tap on the Norton security product and click uninstall or remove. You can install it and reinstall it anytime without any hassle.


    Does uninstalling Norton cancel the subscription? 


    Once you uninstall the Norton, then it does not mean that your subscription will be stopped. Instead, it will remove the software from your system, but you reinstall it and enjoy the subscription benefits. 


    Does Norton have an uninstaller? 


    Yes, Norton has an uninstaller with the help of which you can select your suitable Norton product and uninstall it by clicking on yes. 


    Can I uninstall Norton from an Android device?


    Yes, you can uninstall Norton from an Android device with the help of the below-written methods.

    • You can go to the settings app and tap on it.
    • After that list of apps will be displayed on the screen; from that list, click on Norton mobile security.
    • Now you can tap on the ok button to confirm.
    • At last, when uninstalling finishes, click on ok. 


    If you still have the question, How do I completely remove Norton from my computer? Then you can dial the toll-free number 1 (855) 815-2726 to get connected with the Norton customer service executive, which is available 24 hours and seven days.