How do I Uninstall Webroot from Windows 10?

  • If you use the Webroot SecureAnywhere and wish to delete it from your Windows 10. In that case, the users can proceed with the uninstallation process as they just need t proceed with simple steps.

    Select the Webroot SecureAnywhere line item, after which you have to click the Uninstall option. 

    Note: If your Webroot SecureAnywhere line item doesn’t appear on the screen initially, click the refresh button. As this can happen if Webroot was recently installed. 


    Can I Remove Webroot without a Password?


    The users will not be able able to uninstall or remove the program without a password if they have enabled Password Protection for SecureAnywhere. If the users have forgotten their password, in that case, you should uninstall the program in Safe Mode.


    How do I find Webroot on my computer?


    Double-click on the Webroot shortcut icon on the desktop, after which you have to right-click on the Webroot icon from the system tray menu, then click View Status. If you cannot locate the system tray icon, open the Start menu of the Window and click on the All program option, Webroot SecureAnywhere.




    All you need to do is follow the above-given information to understand how do I remove Webroot from Windows 10? and visit the official website for more.