Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Strategy Of Using Hexagon


    Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces the reasons for using hexagon nuts

    1. On the machine, the position of the nut is not sufficient, and the wrench space for screwing the nut is also very narrow. For hexagonal nuts, you only need to pull the wrench 60 degrees at a time to tighten the nut slowly, while the quadrilateral nuts need to be pulled 90 degrees at a time.

    2. To make the nut into a hexagonal shape is to make full use of the material. Because from the standpoint of strength, large nuts are stronger than small nuts. In the past, nuts were usually ground out of round materials. The same round rod with it

    3. Related is the introduction of hexagon nuts. Because it is easy to use and improves the utilization rate of materials, it is most used in the market. Although the hexagonal nut is only a small fastener, it is not easy to use to buy or identify the brand manufacturer, and it is more secure in terms of quality.