China Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of


    China Heavy Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduces how to avoid misalignment of hexagon bolts:

    When bending, the rough surface of the hexagonal bolt product should be as close as possible to the direction of the bending force, so as to prevent the burr from being torn by tension. If it is not allowed, a machining process hole must be set to take this opportunity to accurately locate. The crimping is a unique nominal diameter of the crimping hole, which is determined by the thickness of the raw material of the crimping steel. The thickness should be a larger nominal diameter, generally d>1.5. It is unnecessary to set the centerline of the crimping at the center of the metal sheet. If the plane of the metal sheet is set at the tangent position of the cylinder, it will be more economical to manufacture. Therefore, these methods can be used to avoid misalignment and ensure that the hexagonal bolts are in use. Good performance.

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