Heavy Hex Bolt Suppliers Introduces The Production Process Of H


    Heavy Hex Bolt Suppliers introduced that the manufacturing process of hexagonal bolts is different from ordinary fish. In addition to substrate processing technology, it can also be used... It is mainly used for large hexagon heads, also called large hexagon heads, steel structures, etc. The blackening of hexagonal bolts refers to the blackening of the strength function grade above 8.8 after the blackening treatment, so what is the blackening treatment? In fact, at room temperature, the color of black material and black material are different. Melanin refers to the formation of a black or blue oxide film on the reaction surface after pickling, degreasing, heating, and oxidation. The precision is high, and the accessories cannot be replaced. More indoor use. An oxide layer is produced on the surface of the black metal of the hexagonal bolt, and the processing temperature is not high, and generally it will not be deformed.

    Compared with chrome plating, it is of course much cheaper, but its anti-rust and decorative effect is not as good as chrome plating. Choose metal to isolate the air. After anti-rust treatment, an oxide film will appear on the metal surface of the hexagonal bolt. If the appearance requirements are not high, black treatment can be selected. The surface of steel is blackened, also known as a little blue. Blue is a chemical skin processing. Its main function is to form a dense oxide film on the metal surface to prevent metal corrosion. In order to improve the wear resistance, only surface treatment is used, which has no effect on its internal structure. This is different from the base used for quenching, it is not an alloy.

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