2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers Introduces The Requirements For


    2H Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers introduces the quenching process of hexagon bolts:

    (1) Secondary punching. The secondary punch is made of 60Si2Mn steel, and its failure mode is usually head upsetting and fracture. Punch breakage is due to the low precision of the machine tool, heavy materials, hard parts or surface cracks, etc., while the thickness of the punch is due to the low die hardness and compressive strength. Therefore, the second-order punch is required to have higher yield strength and toughness. The second-class punch is made of LD steel, and its service life is increased from 30,000 to 4,000 pieces of 60Si2Mn steel to 21 to 39,000 pieces. Using 600℃, 850℃ two salt bath preheating, heating coefficient is 40~45s/min; 1120℃×20~22s/min; 550℃×1.5h×2 times of tempering. The hardness is around 59~61HRC.

    (2) Three-sequence punching. The original triple punch was made of high-speed steel, and the failure mode was mainly fracture. Only a few failed due to the thick punch, and the service life was very low. Using LD steel punches, the average service life can reach 80,000 pieces. Use 600℃, 850℃ two salt bath preheating, the heating coefficient is 40~45s/mm; 1100℃ heating, quenching oil; 540℃×1.5×2 times of tempering. The hardness is around 61~63HRC.
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