2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers Introduces The Installation Pro


    2H Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers introduces how to install cage nuts:

    Method 1: First look at the car license plate mounting hole, whether there is a fixed iron plate, if there is, it is relatively simple, the installation steps are as follows:

    1. Put something in the shape of a small bowl on the screw, with the "bowl mouth" facing outward (toward yourself), then put on a gasket, fix the license plate on the bumper, screw in the screw, and press the nut on the small bowl That's it!

    2. If there is no fixed iron sheet on the mounting hole without a license plate, a cage nut is needed.

    Method two, buckle one of the clips of the cage nut to the mounting plate on the side of the square hole; then take the hook, pass the operating part of the hook through the square hole, and then pass the other pin of the cage nut through the square hole. The hole and the mounting plate on the other side of the square hole want to buckle; remove the hook and the cage nut is installed!

    It is a cage nut that movably accommodates the nut in the inside of the housing body welded to the vehicle body. It is characterized in that the cage nut is formed by the nut body and the outer surface of the nut body is injection molded by inserts The obtained resin-made insulating member is constituted by having a plurality of protrusions on the side of the outer periphery of the insulating member that is in contact with the vehicle body.

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