2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer Introduces The Advantages Of Nut


    2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturer introduces the classification characteristics of different fasteners:

    1. Bolts. The bolts we often talk about refer to a product with external threads, and in most cases, bolts refer to external hexagonal bolts. Of course there are square-head bolts, but they are not commonly used. Bolt external thread products cannot be self-locked during installation, and must be matched with an internal thread. In some cases, an internal thread is tapped on the base to allow the bolt to be screwed in. Have After passing through a hole, some are fitted with a nut on the other side.

    2. Studs. Most of our commonly used stud standards refer to a type of externally threaded fastener without a head. For example, double-ended studs are typical of stud products. The stud also needs to be used in conjunction with the nut. Both ends of the thread have threads. The polished rod part in the middle can be used as a shaft. The two ends are tightened with a nut and can be disassembled at any time.

    3. Screws. In our country, many of the fasteners called screws refer to small machine screws, such as cross pan head screws, cross countersunk head screws, and self-tapping screws. The only product that is a large screw is the hexagon socket head screw. The hexagon socket head screw also needs to be used in conjunction with an internal thread during the installation process. The self-tapping screw does not need an internal screwWith pattern matching, it can directly tap into the base and use its own thread characteristics to lock.

    4. Nuts. All products called nuts, no matter what shape they are, belong to the internal thread series. Nuts are square, round, thick and thin, and the standards vary. But no matter what standard nut is, it must be used in conjunction with the external thread, otherwise the internal thread of the nut has no meaning.

    5. Self-drilling self-tapping screws. This refers to the series of self-tapping screws. The wood screws used in the decoration also belong to this self-tapping screw category, and the large hexagonal wood screws used in the installation of wood packaging are also self-tapping screws.

    6. Washers. There are more standards for washers. They are round and square, with teeth or without teeth. There are many standards, but no matter what standard it is, it is used with bolts and nuts. Most washers are just a spacer isolation The role of. Only spring washers and anti-loosening washers have a little additional locking effect.

    7. Circlip pin shafts. There are generally two types of gear rings, hole gears and shaft gears. It is stuck in a slot and plays a role of positioning or not coming out. Basically, they are used in conjunction with the pin shaft. That is to say, companies that can use retaining rings basically use these products.

    8. Rivets, welding nails, and rivets are special fasteners, and many purchasers can't figure out what the standard is. There are also many kinds of rivets, including headless rivets, hollow rivets, blind rivets and so on. Rivets are sheet metal fasteners. Many cases and cabinets are produced using rivets. The same is true for welding nails, which cannot form external or internal threads in some thin sheet metal In this case, welding can be used to solve the problem.

    9. Combined fasteners. Combination type fasteners are divided into two categories, one type is pan head or countersunk head combination screws, this type is some small screw products, and electronic equipment is used more. There is also a kind of steel structure bolts for large steel structures, which also belong to the combined type of fasteners, because the purchase of steel structure bolts is basically a set of purchases.

    Through the above introduction, Heavy Hex Bolt Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.