Decoding Getters Iida fortune telling and its significance

  • Getters fortune telling is a kind of offering which is offered by Getters Iida in the form of books, articles, etc. in which she does fortune telling. In this blog, we are going to briefly explain what exactly fortune telling is and what is its significance with reference to Getters Iida fortune telling.

    What is fortune telling?

    Fortune telling is an offering in which a description of events of the near future is given in a really beautiful way to help people take charge of their destiny and also take charge of their life along with it. This is the reason why stuff like ゲッターズ飯田占い is really trending nowadays.

    Is fortune-telling significant?

    If you study the very mechanics of life in a really subtle spiritual way, you will realize that the most beautiful thing about life is that no one knows what is going to happen in the next moment and that is what makes it valuable and precious to us.

    In our perspective, becoming the best version of yourself is the best way to take charge of your life rather than seeking details of your future. And even if you get to know something valuable through offerings like Getters Iida fortune telling, it will be of no value to you as it will only give you unnecessary confidence if it is something positive and unnecessary anxiety if it is something negative. It will not let you practice mindfulness which is the key to all aspects of life.


    So fundamentally, fortune-telling won’t take you anywhere in life. And if you are looking for the ultimate well-being of yours and everybody else, living every moment to the fullest is the best way to be. And the uncertainty of life is the best part of the game so do not try to get rid of it.

    But, we would also like to mention that we are not against offerings like Getters Iida fortune telling. We are just saying that they can be used for entertainment purposes or just fun but when it comes to taking charge of life they are of no significance.