Coinbase Wallet and a Way to Fix Device Confirmation Issues

  • Investment is one of the busiest and most popular fields in the world. People invest their valuable money in the hope of ending up with a profit but keep in mind you will not always end up with a profit that’s why it is important to be aware of the potential loss if you are starting your trading journey. To start your journey you should have a reliable wallet that can protect your assets.

    Today we will take a look at Coinbase wallet which provides one of the best security features to protect its user's assets from potential online threats. This wallet stores a huge number of digital assets which makes it famous among the users. In the upcoming blog, we will briefly discuss the Coinbase wallet and its common issue such as Coinbase device confirmation troubleshooting.

    About Coinbase Wallet

    Coinbase is one of the simple but highly functional features wallet that helps to enhance user experience and provide a safe and secure platform for investment. The wallet came into the race in 2012. Also, it offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS users so that one can access their account on the go.

    On the other hand, Coinbase Wallet supports more than thousands of crypto across many popular networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ERC-20 tokens which makes it one of the best and trustworthy wallets for investment. Furthermore, it does offer a Chrome extension for its users to access their accounts irrespective of device.

    Steps To solve Coinbase Device confirmation troubleshooting issues

    There can be various reasons why coinbase device confirmation troubleshooting shows errors with device confirmation. If you are also one of those who are facing the same issues with your Coinbase device and looking for a way to solve it, follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of these issues.

    1. Update your Device – Check once whether you are using the latest version of your device or not, if not then update it with the latest version to fix the confirmation issue.
    2. Update your Coinbase application – Update your Coinbase app and then try again to solve the Coinbase Device confirmation troubleshooting issue.
    3. Try a Different Browser – To fix the issue try a different browser and check whether it is working or not, if it is working then solve your browser issue.
    4. Reset Your Mobile Device – Once reset your mobile device try again. This might fix your device confirmation issue.
    5. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies – Clear your browser cache and cookies by locating the browser setting to fix this issue.

    Note – If you have tried all the ticks and tricks but still facing problems, you can reach out to customer support to fix Coinbase Device confirmation troubleshooting issues.


    Overall Coinbase could be an ideal choice for those who value features and security. It offers multiple different products that suit businessmen, individuals, and developers. Also, the wallet doesn’t charge a fee for holding cash-supported cryptocurrency and transferring the crypto from the wallet.

    Apart from this, currently, Coinbase Wallet is providing its services in more than 100 countries and it also has millions of active users on its platform.