How does the MetaMask wallet auto-update work?

  • Metamask, as we all know is a hot crypto wallet that works just fine whenever you need to deal with your crypto assets. This wallet is not only capable of crypto assets, but you can also store your NFTs on it. Now, the reason why many users are already using it is because of the fact that it is easy to set up and use. All you need to do is navigate to the official website of MetaMask wallet i.e., download the wallet files from there, and then you may either set up a new wallet or you may also import an existing one just by using the seed phrase. However, you can extract the best benefits of this wallet simply by updating the wallet files as and when needed.

    Yes, an update works wonders when it comes to the usage of software programs. This is because an update comes with bug fixes, enhanced user experience, new features, and so much more. Hence, missing out on an important update is not recommended. But, one thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that you should know how you can perform an update for your Metamask chrome extension and from where you need to do it.

    How and where to update MetaMask from?

    To be honest, there are two ways through which you can update the Metamask extension on your device. Well, it completely depends on the user's choice of which way he wishes to proceed ahead with. One method of installing the update is manual, while the other one is automatic. So, to understand how auto-update works on MetaMask, you can follow the guidelines given in the upcoming sections.


    For auto-update, you just have to select the "Settings" menu represented by three dots. Once you've selected this, you'll notice a few setting options. Here, you simply need to select the "Lock" button to proceed. When on the main page of the MetaMask wallet, you can just enter your Seed Phrase and hit the "Unlock" option. Locking and unlocking the MetaMask wallet with automatically update it to its latest version.

    Manual update process:

    1. First of all, open the Chrome web browser on your device
    2. Following this, you need to locate the MetaMask logo given there and then right-click on it
    3. Further, you can choose the "Manage extension" option
    4. Right next to "Metamask login with password", select the "Update" button
    5. As soon as you do so, the update for your MetaMask wallet will take place

    Updating Metamask chrome extension does not mean that you will lose all your data or account details. Hence, if you were getting worried about the same, then stop doing so and update Metamask login to make the most out of it.


    The given article talks about how you can enjoy the best services offered by a Metamask chrome extension with wallet only if you install its updates as soon as they are made available. In case you were not aware of how to do so, I hope this article helped you do that.