Summer-themed Salty Shores update will launch on all platforms

  • Developer Psyonix has revealed Rocket League Items that Rocket League's sun-bleached, summer-themed Salty Shores update will launch on all platforms next Tuesday, May 29th.

    Salty Shores' most notable addition is the new Salty Shores beachside arena, which sees Rocket League's frenzied multiplayer action play out upon golden sands beneath blazing blues skies. "As our sunniest map to date," says Psyonix, "Salty Shores should keep the good vibes going year-round as a permanent addition to all online playlist". You can get a blast of its summer-fresh, sea-salted air in the trailer below.

    Salty Shore's sun-drenched aesthetic is paired with a suitably upbeat selection of new tunes from the Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3 EP in the new update - which also marks the start of Rocket League's Competitive Season 8, and the distribution of its Season 7 Rewards.

    Elsewhere, Salty Shores introduces the new 'Impact' Crate - featuring the import Battle-Car, Twinzer, as a limited-drop - and a range of quality of life improvements, such as the'Report Server' button, which can be poked if servers began to go awry during a match.

    The update also lays the groundwork for Rocket League's summer-themed Beach Blast event, which begins on June 11th. More details on that, says Psyonix, will be revealed soon.

    Rocket League's Salty Shores update will be free for all Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC players when it launches on Tuesday, May 29th.

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