World of Warcraft Classic: What is TradeSkillMaster?

  • The Auction House is an integral part of World of Warcraft as with it, players can buy and sell just a myriad of items in-game.

    It's one of WoW's oldest features and for Classic, that remains the same.

    Additionally, and possibly most importantly, it's a great way to make gold.

    However, its often clunky UI and experience can make the whole process tedious, that's what TradeSkillMaster is for.

    Here's an explanation of what TradeSkillMaster is, and how to download and install it in WoW Classic.

    What is TradeSkillMaster in World of Warcraft Classic?

    In short, TradeSkillMaster is the addon for making gold on the Auction House. It's an addon that's designed to streamline the whole process. It includes features such as crafting and auctioning experiences to even taking an otherwise expensive item and purchasing it for yourself when cheap.

    Additionally, TradeSkillMaster has this uncanny ability, unique to seemingly every other addon out there, to simplify the main target of its purpose while also having the ability to make it incredibly in-depth if the user so chooses.

    If a player wants to go a buy multiple items in bulk to level up their Enchanting or make some quick gold, this addon makes it nice and straightforward. On other hand, if a player wants to flip items, go more in-depth and make a substantial profit, it can be done as well. In short, apart from having the nicety of making purchases easier, it's tremendously helpful for Auction House gold makers as it streamlines the whole entire process.

    It goes above and beyond what any normal Auction House addon would do. It Buy WoW Classic Gold allows you to analyze what crafts will sell more profitably, makes mailing easier by emptying out your mailbox quickly, and, much, much more.

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    How to Download and Install TradeSkillMaster (TSM) in World of Warcraft Classic
    Now that you know what TradeSkillMaster does in WoW Classic, it's time to install and download it.

    There are two ways to go about downloading addons in World of Warcraft Classic: a manual download and install or an automated download and install via a website or app such as CurseForge.

    For a step-by-step on how to do either of the methods visit our piece on downloading Wotlk Classic Gold and installing WoW Classic addons here.