• Overwhelmed by Albion Online? These Albion 5 Essential Tips is sure to Buy Albion Online Silver boost your progress. Due to quarantine Albion player-count has shot up. If you are one of these new beginners, enjoy the guide and get ahead of the competition!

    These Albion 5 Essential Tips will prepare you for the epic, competitive and challenging world of Albion Online. The 5 essential tips mentioned in this Albion Online: Beginner’s Guide you will be more than ready to crush the competition. If that is your goal of course! (I know it’s mine). This is a sandbox play it how you want to.

    Albion an MMORPG with a recipe made of components similar to Runescape, Leagues of Legends and Eve Online. If you have not heard of it check out our review. However, the game has been incredibly updated and improved since the original review.

    Firstly to better understand these Albion 5 essential tips lets introduce some basic concepts or terms. Experience in this game is called “fame” it will be earned for every skill, however, you will only gain fame for the equipment type you are wearing. The other important term is tier’s the game is segregated into 8 tiers. Gear, enemies, zones, mounts, buildings will all have a tier.

    There is also enchantment level and quality. Quality and enchantment increase the item power of the mount, gear, or item. The map is also split into zones starting in order of safety to most dangerous: blue, yellow, red, and black-zone/openworld. For a beginner, you should spend your early days within the safety of the blue and yellow zones. The red and black-zone have the consequence of full loot drop on death. Thus it is important to only bring what you can afford to lose when entering these dangerous zones.

    Albion Online is available through Steam.


    The sandbox MMORPG provides many ways to play the game, so do not feel pressured to follow a linear way of progression. When you first enter the game you may feel compelled to craft, create, and gather everything you need. However there is so many ways to approach the game and how you are going to make your silver. Some of the common silver making methods to pursue is farming, gathering, crafting, refining, marketing, trading, transporting, dungeons and player vs player combat (PVP). What you enjoy and choose to pursue is up to you.

    The aspect that makes Albion so unique is you can progress to end game by doing only one of these methods or all of them. For example, I do a mix of skinning, dungeons and PVP and buy all gear I need from the player-driven auction house. Your play-style is completely self directed you choose what parts of the game you want to experience. I do see many new players trying to do everything themselves gather, refine and craft each item. It may take a very long time for someone to learn the whole supply chain. I suggest using the auction house to buy items needed and focus on what you find most enjoyable in Albion Online.

    Albion Online lives by its saying that “you are what you wear“. Your stats and strength is determined by your gear, chest plate, boots, helmet, cape and weapon. There is also combat enhancing foods and potions. Albion has a multitude of gear to experiment with to make a build that suits you. However, there is 3 devoted classes for dungeons commonly known as DPS (Damage per second), tank and healer. There is also multiple armor types with plate, leather and cloth.
    When learning combat I advise beginning with solo green dungeons in your starting area. Or finding a team of 5 people for blue portal dungeons which are harder but require more people and provide better loot and fame. Once you level up to be able to use tier 4 gear you can complete dungeons in the Yellow Zone. Yellow Zone only has light PVP with minimal losses from death so don’t be afraid to enter the green dungeons there. The higher the tier the dungeon is in, the higher the tier the enemies and loot. Gatherers who do not specialize in combat should at a minimum level daggers to tier 4 to unlock bloodletter. Bloodletter provides two dashing abilities which can allow an easy escape from player killers.

    Fame farm to level quickly some of the best methods for this is when you are higher level risk going into the red or black-zone dungeons as they provide increased fame. High-risk high reward, however, the faster you level fame the stronger you’ll be in the long-term. Once you reach the cap of 100 fame with an item of gear, excess fame is generated that you can invest in other skill trees. Many players use this to their advantage by initially fame farming with high DPS in order for quick dungeon completion times. Then investing Albion Online Gold the excess fame into the gear they actually want to use. You can check out more about Albion Builds Here.