What to know before using the MTP Kit?

  • If a couple is not prepared for a child, the pregnancy may simply bring unwanted hardships into life. There could be many reasons why a pregnancy maybe unwanted as listed below:

    • The mother’s health cannot afford a pregnancy.
    • The parents are not financially stable and do not want to take the burden of a child.
    • The couple is not committed and do not wish to proceed with pregnancy.
    • The pregnancy is ectopic and needs to be terminated.
    • The couple already have two or more children and do not want another mouth to feed.

    In each of these cases, the pregnancy can be unwanted. MTP Kit can be used to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

    What is an MTP Kit?

    An MTP Kit is used to terminate pregnancy upto 63 days gestation. It contains 1 tablet of Mifepristone 200mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mg. The kit can be used to terminate pregnancy non-surgically. It needs to be done under a doctor’s supervision.

    How to use the MTP Kit?

    It is important that you consult a doctor to terminate pregnancy non-surgically using the MTP Kit. The Mifepristone tablet needs to be administered orally under doctor’s supervision. 1-3 days after the use of Mifepristone medicine, you need to administer Misoprostol 200mg tablets vaginally. This can be done with or without the doctor’s supervision. You will have to visit the doctor for a follow-up

    What are the possible side effects of the MTP Kit?

    Before using the MTP Kit, you should be aware of the possible side effects of the MTP Kit. This will help you take the right steps to deal with the effects. Here we have shared a list of the possible side effects:

    • When you use the MTP Kit, you will experience vaginal bleeding for two days.
    • You may experience fever, chills and weakness.
    • You may experience light vaginal bleeding for upto 16 days.
    • You may experience dizziness.
    • You may also experience digestive health issues like nausea, vomiting and loose motions.

    Who should not use the MTP Kit?

    MTP Kit may not always be the best way to terminate a pregnancy. The following people should not use the MTP Kit:

    • Women with pregnancy longer than 63 days gestation.
    • Women who are not sure whether they are pregnant.
    • Women who have an IUD in place.
    • Women who are on steroid medications.
    • Women who have problems associated with their adrenal glands.
    • Women who use medicines for blood thinning.
    • Women who reside in areas where medical help is not accessible instantly.

    What to do if the MTP Kit does not work?

    The follow-up is prescribed to ensure that the pregnancy has been terminated completely. In case the scans reveal that the pregnancy has not been terminated, a surgical procedure may have to be conducted to terminate the pregnancy.

    Buy MTP Kit Online can be purchased online using a doctor’s prescription. It is important to tell your doctor all facts about your health so that he/she may prescribe the best way to terminate pregnancy without hampering your health.