Old School RuneScape: Game Tip 3 Version

  • There are 5 ways to make money in Old School RuneScape, 2 of them were shared in the previous article, and 3 are shared in this article. Last time it was mentioned that if you want to upgrade smoothly in the game, players need to spend a lot of energy. In addition to the player's efforts, they also need various combat skills. Although this is a welcome challenge for many players, most players want to pass these early stages as soon as possible. For players who want to pass the game the most, please visit here: RS3 Gold

    The article continues to share. Method three: spinning flax
    This method has requirements for the player, requiring the player's production skills to reach level 10. The upgrade of production skills can be easily achieved by manufacturing leather products.

    Method four: Collect leather This method involves players collecting cowhide and turning it into leather. Players can buy cowhides from large exchanges or collect cowhides by killing cows at one of Cambridge's farms. Once enough cowhide has been collected, the player should go to the next destination. In Al Khalid, there is a shop marked with brown shirts on the map. Players can pay a small fee for the clerk to turn leather into the leather. By walking back and forth between the bank and the shopkeeper, players can quickly turn raw hides into leather. Cowhide currently spends one hundred and twenty-five coins on the Grand Guild, while leather spends 216 coins, so players can quickly make profits. If the player has more money to start using Dragon Skin, this method can also be used.

    Way Five: Wine This method is one of the most famous free games to make money. This method involves the use of kinetic energy grabbing spells to steal Zamorak's wine from the chaotic temple of Asgarnia. The long-range grab spell requires the player to have a magic level of 33, which is the only requirement for this method. It is recommended that players carry an air staff, magic runes, and some mage-minded bombs to perform this method most effectively. For lower-level players, the player should leave the temple once they have finished drinking, the monk will be angry and launch an attack. The best way is to enter the temple only after the wine reappears. Players wearing a full set of monk costumes can climb the stairs in the temple with a total level of 500 points. This makes this method much easier because there is a wine upstairs that must be more easily available.

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