Animal Crossing Snowman: Make a perfect snowman and get rewards

  • Winter is here, maybe there is no snow outside your door, but in the game, you can build a Snowboy! Even your house can be turned into a beautiful palace. Of course, you need to find two snowballs first, then place them somewhere on your island and roll them on the ground until each snowball is big enough To finally form a Snowboy. If your Snowboy is perfect, then you will get a frozen DIY recipe that will help you turn the house into a beautiful winter palace. Later we will show you how to control the size and let you create a perfect Snowboy.

    The perfect snow talent will reward you with DIY recipes from frozen suits and big snowflakes. Every four days that Snowboy exists, keep talking with him every day, you will receive a big snowflake. If it is an imperfect Snowboy, he will remind you that your building skills are not perfect, but he will also receive large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes.

    To make a perfect Snowboy, you first need to find two snowballs that are usually close to each other and then take them to an open area on the island. Make sure that the location is not too confusing because you need to make room to talk to Snowboy. While doing this, you can even catch dung beetles because they like to snowball for you on the island.

    The easiest snowball to create is the lower part of Snowboy. You just need to roll the snowball back and forth until you can barely move the snowball, and then make sure the snowball is in the position you expected.

    For the perfect Snowboy head, you can easily check by setting the camera to the lowest setting and carefully standing next to the snowball. The height of the snowball of the head is approximately equal to half the height of the avatar's ears.

    When you are ready, just roll the second snowball to the first snowball, and it will magically turn into a perfect Snowboy.

    If you have made a perfect Snowboy, I hope you can come to to share your snowman or your making method. Then you can get a discount when you buy Cheap ACNH Items.