Which villager do you want to camp within Animal Crossing?

  • Many villagers in Animal Crossing have their own personalities and quirks, so you may not like to have formulaic communication with him, but they are indeed unique, and they have at least one redemption feature.

    So which one would you choose to camp with you?

    Happy old man Billy, he likes to dance around the campfire and happily tell stories about the fire. He seems to be an interesting camping buddy, but in fact, he is very fragile, and you may have some difficulties looking for his help. Do you want to hear him yell dagnabit?

    Gala, a pig villager who loves to play, always has unlimited energy. She dresses up carefully and pays tribute to the world with her "nor" behavior. She who wakes up early will prepare apple and pork pies for you. In the evening, her beautiful violin makes people intoxicated.

    Benedict, the lazy chicken villager, always gets lost and cries in the forest. I think our ACNH Bells was kidnapped by aliens with him!

    The superhero Kid Cat has always protected his friends all over the world. He always leads the team on trekking in any woods. He is the best choice for most people! Because he will tell everyone happy battle stories during the campfire.

    Aimee also likes the beloved clown sheep Pietro, and Boomer, who is allergic to cherries, is very capable of accomplishing tasks. Fashionable Vivian always decorates her home. Gail, who loves nature, is always a sweet look, just like the comfortable customer service beauty when Buy Animal Crossing Items. But what she is liked by people is that she knows what plants are edible and what bugs she will bite. Imagine skating and boating with her while camping, just like buying cheap animal crossing bells at acbellsbuy.com, which is unforgettable.