Ways to defeat Vorkath in Old School Runescape

  • Vorkath is a major obstacle to get us back to Torfinn. His vertical dragon fire, acid pool rapid-fire barrage, and suicide production can all kill us. If we were killed once, it would cost 100,000 coins to pick up our spoils, and if we died twice, there would be nothing.

    Vorkath is most afraid of sharp melee weapons, Grazi rapier weaving, Zamorakian hasta, and Abyssal dagger functions all stab him. You can also add Bandos Excalibur or Dragon Warhammer to the special attack slot to reduce his defense. Then wear a slayer's helmet, hell cloak, and Bandos' breastplate to defend, and use a ladder to escape. Of course, bring your good friend Flinching, he will be a good helper. The other is the dragon hunting cross that costs a lot of gold and time to obtain. It is very good long-range equipment. If you don’t have enough OSRS Gold, use a toxic blowpipe or Armadyl cross instead. Ammunition such as God’s blessing is also a good choice.

    Generally, Vorkath will first use regular skills to attack six times, and then use its special skills to attack. We can use precise close combat, and long-range shooting and bombing. Then there will be a poison pool, and he will fill the ground you are advancing with poison to hurt you, so when you see it appear, immediately disable prayer. Players who use the blowpipe must keep 6 blocks away for an attack, and the attack keeps at 8 blocks away. Melee players who rush into Vorkas must be sure before retreating quickly. Then we must prevent Vorkath's rigid ice dragon fire from freezing you, and pay attention to using the collapse of the undead to prevent the Zombified Spawn from spawning or killing it so that we can defeat it.

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