Old School RuneScape: Suggestions for leveling prayer

  • Prayer skill is a magical skill. It is a powerful helper for us to defeat powerful enemies. It can increase our attack and defense attributes, and even bring benefits to other skills. Sometimes you may feel that it is very weak, but it is impossible to control. Missing skills. I hope my advice will help you when you upgrade this skill.

    The best way to upgrade skills is undoubtedly to complete tasks to gain experience. The disturbing ghost mission can make you directly upgrade to level 9 because the mission will provide more than one thousand experience points. Of course, if you are willing to spend some dollars, the dangerous priest, the Holy Grail, and the road of conscription can help you rise to level 30. There are some additional gold and bone rewards.

    The valley field in the wilderness north of Varrock is the best place for us to train prayer skills. The bone drops that can be obtained without fighting, and the skeletons suitable for combat players, are good places for players to obtain enough bones, and then train to gain prayer experience. If you take off the skeleton and remember to bury the bones, you can train peace skills.

    Goblins and Lumbridge Swamp have chicken pens and dairy farms that are very suitable for ordinary players, while advanced players can go to Crandor, Edgeville Dungeon, Varrock Sewer, Asgarian Ice Dungeon, and Corsair Cove Dungeon. Players in these places will have some people who don't want bones, you can pick them up.

    Bones consume a lot and are expensive. You will even look for discounted gold because there is no alternative. Of course, if you are brave enough and you are lucky, you can go to the Temple of Chaos and pray that the bones will not be consumed. Of course, if you don't want strong defensive equipment, there is no need to take risks. Powerful burial is a quick way to gain experience, but the cost of coins is huge. In addition, if you have the financial ability to Buy RS Gold, the creatures resurrected from the head of the soul in the dark altar will be your reliable target, and hundreds of thousands of prayer experience and magic experience can ensure your investment success.