Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day Recommendations

  • Toy Day is a gift-giving winter holiday in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons version. It is a cute reindeer named Jingle.

    It will appear in front of your accommodation service building today for help. When you talk to it, it will give you the recipe for holiday wrapping paper and ask you to make three for it. Making a holiday wrapping paper requires decorations of every color, and you can shake the pine tree to find them.

    Once you give it three-holiday wrapping papers, it will give you a magic bag as a gift. It will also give you toy stockings, which you can hang on the wall at home.

    With a magic bag in your hand, equipped like a tool, you can talk to the villagers and give them gifts. You don't need to choose gifts based on their personality or the like, you just need to talk to them and hand them a gift. Once you give gifts to half of your residents, you will get a bunch of DIY recipes for gifts. Sending gifts to each villager will reward you with a toy day sleigh furniture item. Don't worry that your bells and items are not enough, can help you.

    Make sure to hang the toy day socks in your house. If you do, you will be able to interact with Socks and get a photo of Jingle on December 25. The gifts from the black-nosed reindeer are full of surprises!

    Once you have finished giving gifts to Jingle, you can also pack gifts and give them to your villagers. In exchange, they will give you gifts. These gifts will be randomly selected from the toys sold by Nook's Cranny in December, so if you miss buying any gifts, your villagers may kindly give you a toy day gift.

    Christmas Jingle's Photo, Toy Day Stockings, Toy Day Sleigh, Holiday Wrapping Paper for DIY Recipes, and Gift Stacks are all event-exclusive items, you can get them from Toy Day. If you get winter or holiday-themed things you see elsewhere, you might get recipes from snowmen or balloons in winter. If you don’t have what you want after the end, you can go directly to Buy Animal Crossing Bells or Buy Cheap ACNH Items.