Runescape archeology skills attention points

  • Archeology is one of the biggest updates of Runescape this year. You can excavate, explore, and restore ancient artifacts like Ezreal and Ornn in League of Legends. This is a surprisingly exciting game idea. I think many people want to meet those items that are only in the story.

    The highest level of archaeology is 120. Hope the following things can help you become the leader in this skill ranking easier and faster.

    The first is that you need to know some things that can help you. After all, you must be fully prepared to do something.

    Mattock is the most helpful equipment in the early stage, but remember to purchase Mattock to upgrade every 10th level. Elite Skirting and Skiring, this equipment will provide you with very good XP upgrades to maintain your upgrade speed, the elite version also allows you to infinitely teleport to mining locations and collectors. You can buy Waterfield when you reach level 68 in archaeology. Using it you will have a 5% chance to double your material gains and artifact gains. If you don't have enough gold, when you reach level 70, the automatic filter v1.080 will automatically filter the dirt you are digging, which is also a good help.

    Then there are locations. Each digging site has its own digging hotspots, research, and plots for you to dig. Before you level 40, go to Kharid-et at level 5, and go to the source of hell after level 20. When you reach level 40, you will unlock the researcher, and you can send them out while performing missions. When they come back, the faster they come back, the more XP you get. You can go to Everlight at level 42, then go to the storm guard at level 70, and go to Warforge at level 76 is a good choice.

    Finally, pay attention to the method, just like when you lack gold, you will choose to make it yourself, and you will also choose to Buy RS Gold to get it quickly. First remember to find the highest plot location available, then collect all the artifacts that can be collected, and bring your excavation tools together. Remember to talk to the guild director about qualification awards and send your researchers out.