Animals Crossing the age of villagers and NPCs

  • There are many different types of villagers and NPCs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Having individuality is their characteristic. Villagers' self-awareness and emotions reflect real life. Each NPC also has its own preferences and attitudes. Therefore, in Animal Crossing, deciding whether the villagers will stay has become one of the unique fun of the game.

    In the Fan Forum of Animal Crossing, some players group each villager and NPC. In the case that the game developer does not disclose any information about the age of the NPC and the villager, the age of each villager can be more accurately understood to help players choose.

    According to the fan guide, the villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Village can be divided into 8 different categories according to their attitudes. The categories of attitudes include strong villagers, lively villagers, lazy villagers, normal villagers, smug villagers, sister-like villagers, arrogant villagers, and violent villagers.

    Teenagers in Animal Crossing are said to be athlete villagers, aged 15-19 years old. According to a guide made by fans, if they are interested in sports and have a young attitude, they should have reached the age to drive and do more mature things. The next group is the strong Animal Crossing villagers, they are said to be more like real 21 years old because they are very keen to party.

    As Animal Crossing villagers grow older, their temperament seems to change accordingly. The 22-year-old Animal Crossing's NPC is lazy, the 23-year-old NPC is normal, and the 24-year-old NPC is very smug. It is said that Animal Crossing villagers will not become sisters until they are "within the age of 26." Four years later, they began to develop more serious jobs, entered the fashion industry, and became more independent, which turned them into arrogant Animals Crossing villagers. If you have enough bells, you will become an arrogant player too!

    All grumpy Animal Crossing villagers are the oldest group, ranging in age from 32 to 80 years old. Most Animal Crossing players also think this ranking is reasonable. Just like you can Buy ACNH Bells at a reasonable price on Because the age difference of the grumpy villagers is like Dobie and Tom Nook.

    According to the method of the fans, we can find the developer's setting, along with the age line, villagers of different ages will have different consciousness and behavior. This is a very good way of self-identification. Although it may be changed in the future, how to distinguish the age of the villagers has also become an interesting thing.