RuneScape mysterious event

  • RuneScape's official account sent a mysterious tweet telling players that they were invited to the "20 rupees grand party" on January 4. This day is RuneScape's birthday. According to the news on December 21, it should be the 20th anniversary of RuneScape.

    Although there is no exact news, if you can pass the final anniversary event, you should be able to expect a lot of new content and rewards. 5 years ago, when the game was born 15 years ago, Jagex celebrated. The main event is located near Falador, where you can get a free anniversary party gift box, providing you with a medium XP light and a medium bonus XP star. Besides, there are 15 statues distributed all over Gielinor. Each statue represents the year of RuneScape. There are special dances, expressions, and other exclusive items on the statues, which can save you a lot of RS Gold.

    Players can even get a special balloon drop point every 30 minutes. Pop these balloons to see a variety of props-from rewarding XP stars and small XP lights to party hat fragments and thousands of coins. Poke enough and you will get the 15th-anniversary robe and anniversary balloon.

    2020 is a special year, players are more active than before, the number of players is increasing, and so is the number of members. The game is released on the Steam platform, with more than 50 weeks of weekly updates, the new Archaeology is also improved bit by bit. With the unity and hard work of countless new and old players, the community is still full of passion, thousands of comments, praise has reached 94%, even though the Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day Gielinorian Giving activities for the global mental health disadvantaged people Contributed more than 330,000 pounds.

    In 2021, you can continue to buy OSRS Gold, and you can also look forward to the wonderful combination of Yak Tracks and Ninja Strikes every two months. The Ancient War, EGW, Dungeon, and a better mobile UI experience bloom in 2021. Besides, this year's holiday activities will also be held in Gielinor. Are you ready to welcome this year's holiday activities?