Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

  • On February 25, 2021, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' seasonal story Pioneers of Olive Town will come to switch. The cute life simulation game will have more rich gameplay, and the new characteristic NPC will allow players to experience easier crafting and social life.

    This new version will mainly allow us to experience the early farm life. We need to reclaim the wilderness, remember to buy young cows and alpacas, look for plant seeds, some cows or sheep. Don't worry about not having enough bells, we should be the same as before. We can use loans or installments. By planting crops and raising animals as the main income, fishing and mining should not be important and then complete other new tasks. In PoOT, it only takes 10 minutes to pass in a few seconds, which means players may not need to wait.

    PoOT may not allow players to create larger lakes, but like New Horizons, the characters that can be beautified are larger, and there will be more customization and decoration. After all, roads, farms, and other buildings are what we want Go to the layout. Different from the golden roses of New Horizons, high-quality items such as holiday DIY and the cleanliness of the island and the furniture used to reflect the level of the island. Olive Town will focus on design and handmade products to decorate the island.

    Unlike the social simulations in Animal Crossing that must be related to villagers, Pioneers of Olive Town has more meaningful options, such as marriage. It is no longer about doing small things for the villagers and giving them some gifts. You need to really communicate with the locals to improve friendship, and then you can have a girlfriend or wife. The agricultural simulator of Stardew Valley will be the most popular of Harvest Moon. You will have a goal of getting married and establishing a family, and perhaps a romantic wedding.

    In the game, you need to fish, grow vegetables and fruits to get bells. At, you will be able to buy ACNH Bells and even Nook Miles Tickets in time. You will have more items to decorate your island and brag to your friends that you have a wife.