Animal Crossing: New Horizons fishing information

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fishing is something that players will do. The fourth fishing contest in 2020 is slowly leaving our sight. Let's take a look at the fish in the game.

    80 kinds of fish appear in ponds or lakes and oceans in different seasons and times. Almost every month, several kinds of fish will leave and then return in a certain month. Of course, before that, you have to have 5 branches and a piece of iron to make your fishing rod. Then take your shovel to the beach, find a place where water is sprayed on the beach, and dig out Manila clams from there to make bait.

    Go to the riverbank, find a shadowy place on the water surface, and throw your bait into the fish's observation range, remember to be in front. Then the fish will start observing the bait, the clever fish will try many times, and some will eat it directly. The sound of plop is the signal you have to wait for, the fish will take the bait away, so when you hear the sound, start to press the A button to catch the fish, don't worry about the fish's circling swimming, that means you can already hang successfully The performance started.

    Stringfish appears in streams from December to March in the northern hemisphere and from June to September in the southern hemisphere from 4 pm to 9 am. Generally, it will appear in higher places on the island, such as a cliff pool with a waterfall, or a stream below the waterfall, but it will never be in a calm river. Of course, it takes luck to catch them. Some people can catch them in an hour, and some may cost hundreds of Manila clam bait. Fishing standing above the waterfall is a safer and luckier choice. The precious Stringfish is worth 15000 bells in Timmy and Tommy, so it is worth our time, but remember to donate one to the museum, you should understand!

    Of course, fish like string fish and golden trout are rare and valuable. Ordinary fish are the majority. Although it may not be possible to catch rare fish with good luck, ordinary fish can be obtained, and they also have their own value and function. If you don't have time, buy ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets from are also good choices. Hope this basic information can help you.