Animal Crossing: Flower Knowledge of New Horizons

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons took off Mario and Call of Duty in 2020, FIFA these few are most likely to become the crown of France's best-selling games. 26 million copies were sold worldwide within half a year of the release, and in November in Japan, the number has exceeded 6 million. So as part of this hot game, flower planting can be said to be a major feature.

    Flowers are beautiful. They not only attract people but also insects. They are also a necessary tool for certain recipes. You can even earn Nook Miles Tickets. We can buy three kinds of local flowers from Nook's Cranny store, or we can only find them from the island for transplantation and cultivation. After obtaining seeds or flowers, plant them in a checkerboard pattern or diagonally, and then water them.

    Red, white, and yellow flowers are common in the game, and other colors can only be obtained through crossbreeding. Generally, there are gaps between each flower, which is convenient for new flowers to grow. The shining degree of the flowers can tell whether the watering is sufficient and capable of reproduction. You plant two different colors on the diagonal, and the gap between them will produce mixed-colored flowers.

    As one of the eight kinds of flowers, the rose is one of the most mixed colors. And there is also a special golden color that is very difficult to obtain. Because the premise is that the island level needs to be upgraded to 5 stars to obtain the DIY formula of the golden watering can, an essential tool for breeding rose gold. Then use a golden watering can to water the black rose formed by the cross of red and red to have a chance to get a golden rose.

    Of course, the golden rose flower bed can get a new DIY recipe. On, you spend $0.15 to get a golden rose, which is one of the ways you can save time to cultivate a golden rose. Of course, you can also buy ACNH Bells and other items on the website. Welcome everyone to leave a message below to tell me what you want to know.