Old School Runescape is the best free task for novices

  • Old School Runescape is one of the hottest versions of Jagex Studios and one of the most suitable games for many players to experience the perfect RPG. It has already supported tasks such as battles on the mobile terminal and nostalgic stories. Steam in 2021 will also have a better experience. The many maps and missions of OSRS are the most important part of attracting players. Attracted a large number of players to become members, but there are also good free missions.

    For novice players, a pirate's treasure mission is the best choice for familiarity with the terrain and movement mechanism. There is no need to fight, but you need to use your brain to figure out how to bring the rum back to the mainland. The doric task of collecting items after you are familiar with the map is very good. Buying and mining, and finally gaining more than 1,000 mining experience is an excellent way to train mining skills. The humorous Ernest Chicken mission is also an introductory exploration mission. You need some creative thinking to get 300 coins.

    The restless ghost after that is an easy task of obtaining prayer training. The sword of the knight is a somewhat challenging forging task, which can be seen from the more than 10,000 forging experience rewarded by the task. Exploratory tasks such as the Mystery of Misharin are also very interesting. Killer missions and slayers are combat missions. Large-scale slayer missions with rich rewards are best after simple killer missions.

    The Dragon Slayer mission is one of the most challenging of free missions. Party time, and running around to hunt down a series of small bosses, and they are not all such simple tasks that can be completed, so you need to spend a lot of energy and time before facing the dragon. In the end, you may fail in the face of the dragon, and you need to be fully prepared. OSRS gold is your best helper to get rich rewards for this task.

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